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    Tv Parts Online Toronto | Canada | United States

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    Nice place ti get latest tv for 5 times less price from market , surely go for it

    Harry Bansal Avatar HARRY BANSAL


    Fadi Jesus Avatar Fadi Jesus

    Excellent service. A pleasure to do business with.

    Rod Williamson Avatar Rod Williamson

    The main board on my Samsung TV was shot, they had it repaired within 24 hours of dropping it off during a pandemic. They were professional, prices were fair, and they provided a 90 day warranty. What more do you really want from a business? Thanks again for the great service, and I will be reaching out again should I need a TV repaired.

    Arun Santhapalar Avatar Arun Santhapalar

    Very Impressed! I needed parts to fix my LCD TV (Back-light issues) and thankfully came across the LCD Masters website. Great prices, the only place in the GTA even, Canada I could find parts to repair my TV. I could find plenty of places in the US but prices are high and shipping charges exorbitant and you’re looking at a 4 week turnaround minimum. I was able to pick up the parts locally (tons of inventory there too btw). And when I diagnosed the wrong component that failed, they had no issue with me returning and swapping for the right part. Thanks Francis and all, you made my TV repair an inexpensive and enjoyable experience.

    Mike Oldenburg Avatar Mike Oldenburg

    Quick service reasonable price

    Aimo Fernandes Avatar AIMO FERNANDES

    I had to replace the backlight on my 50 inch LG TV. Francis was very courteous and professional. These guys have been in business for 10 years and it’s very evident they take their business seriously. My TV was repaired in 1 day – very honest and upfront with pricing. I highly recommend these guys for any TV repairs.

    Thank you Francis!

    Payman A Avatar Payman A

    I was very satisfied with the service provided. Francis was courteous and helpful. He was very punctual in picking up and delivering my TV. The job was done in 2 days and his price was very reasonable. Thank you Francis. I appreciate your professionalism. Will refer you to my friends if needed.

    Carol Mahabir Avatar carol mahabir

    I went here to get my TV screen repaired . Turned out one the the panels at the bottom had water damage, not sure how but it ended up costing $400 to fix !!!! It was a lot of money but he knocked off $20 for me . They were pretty friendly and extremely fast on repair, it was ready the next day. If definitely would recommend them and come back again. I just hope my TV last a while now. Oh and they came with 90 day warranty. Pricey but great service

    Kayla Lightskin Avatar Kayla Lightskin

    very good and fast service

    Juan Perez Avatar Juan Perez

    Great service, called and sent a picture of my tv showing the issue (had a blackened vertical stripe center of tv) and received quote, Francis had come to my place to pick up my 65″ tv and had fixed within 2 days and stayed true to quote. Really happy with the outcome and service feels like a new tv and will reach out to lcdmasters again!!!

    Wilson Chica Avatar wilson chica

    Friendly service, accommodating and fairly priced! Couldn’t ask for more.

    Daniel Morelli Avatar Daniel Morelli

    Friendly service, got unit back in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend LCD Masters for TV repair. Martin

    Marissa Lagman Avatar Marissa Lagman

    Dropped my Samsung tv off. Main circuit board had failed. They repaired it same day for a reasonable charge. They are first class!

    Bruce Hynds Avatar Bruce Hynds

    Needed a backlight replacement for a not so well known brand of TV. They were able to have the part ordered and replaced within 24 hours at a reasonable price. Good job!

    Patrick Beaulieu Avatar Patrick Beaulieu